Levitation Free – “Paranoïa”


Levitation Free is the project of Sebastien Jamet, an artist originally from coastal France who now crafts soaring psych-friendly tunes from his Parisian home studio with the help of a band. He aptly describes the experience of listening to new track “Levitation Free” as akin to “flying above the Himalaya mountains and go down the Andes in summer toboggan.” He’ll be dropping the project’s debut four-song EP, The world is in your hands, this January.

“I decided to release this song on November 13th because it’s the day the Paranoïa started for me and many people after the killings of Paris,” Sebastien explains. “I also started to compose this song on that day in 2015. It not only tried to understand but I also tried to find a solution. This lead to this song called Paranoïa.” His vocals are in a perpetual soar, similar to that of Kevin Parker’s most spacious efforts. The track centers around a bursting though serene chorus, capped by scraggly psych guitars. Things are delightfully scaled back around 02:40, with a wistful oceanic synth pad establishing a lush and relaxing bridge before bringing it all back again to anthemic heights.

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