Monsell – “Create or Destroy” + “Silent Banshee”


Coulter Monsell is a multi-instrumentalist capable of stirring soundscapes and rich melodic development. His debut album, Create or Destroy, features a variety of tracks that meld his multi-instrumental prowess with an emotional vein of songwriting, reminding tonally of Beck and Radiohead at points throughout both highlights “Create or Destroy” and “Silent Banshee”. “Silent Banshee” rides on a haunting guitar twang, apt considering the name, while the release’s self-titled cut rides primarily on a solemn piano line and brisk percussion, later evolving with some excellent string-laden accompaniments. Both are great showings of a singer/songwriter clearly capable of great things.

Monsell provides elaboration on both tracks’ creative processes and inspirations:

“”Create or Destroy” is the title track of my album, and it’s about the choice of having a positive or negative outlook on life,” Monsell says. “I feel as though this is very relevant to today’s world, as there is so much negative news always swirling around us. I also had a personal experience where there was someone I cared very much about who had a negative outlook on life, and it was bringing me down. It was really tough to part from this person, but I came out on the other side the happiest I’ve ever been and with the best outlook on life I’ve ever had. The album is about my journey through this process, and I wish to give people hope who are struggling with negative situations.”

“”Silent Banshee” is the third track of my album, and it basically lines up the “villain” of the album. This song is about an experience I went through with someone that really gave the album a direction. It was about someone who was polluting my brain without me even realizing it, causing me to doubt myself and think in an overall negative way. It was like this person was brainwashing me by screeching an unnoticeable tone of negativity, and I didn’t even notice until the relationship ended. This song is about that experience, but the overall message at the end of it is that I came out on the other side feeling better than ever before, which is the theme of the album.”

Stream the release in its entirety below:

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