Monsters and Miracles – “The Silk Road (feat. MRS)”


Based out of Jackson, Mississippi, Monsters and Miracles are an electro-tinged pop act led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Dray Lee. On new track “The Silk Road”, he weaves dark and light, with an effervescent hook sandwiched by darkly industrial verses. MRS’ flowing vocals fit perfectly, swapping between the various tones with precision. The bridge around 02:20 provides just the right amount of variation, mixing it up a bit though without abandoning the pop-friendly, hypnotic allure of the structural direction. Drawing partly on the power of classic horror films of the ’70s and ’80s, Monsters and Miracles produce a sound that’s haunting, all while touting radio-friendly appeal. It’s an interesting, successful sound that’s simultaneously idiosyncratic and accessible.

Check the track’s Austin Leeds remix below:

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