Raised by Dinosaurs – “Sleepless” + “Human”


Showing a strong, haunting atmosphere and captivating melodic charm, Raised by Dinosaurs is an impressive new project from San Francisco, incorporating elements of jangle-pop and synth-pop into their nocturnal sound. With a thematic core of addressing the “everyday fear of being irrelevant,” the duo of singer/songwriter Marcello Manso and lead vocalist Sol Diaz certainly don’t have to worry about that within the music sphere if they keep it up, based on these two tracks.

“Sleepless” finds both exercising their lush vocal charms, with Diaz taking the load over an enchanting assortment of caressing synths and gentle twang guitars. Fluid and melodic, it’s an instant winner. The equally impressive “Human” rides on loopy synths that steadily grow into expansive effervescence, reminding strongly of M83. The vocals are less emphasized here, though the electronic and guitar-pop chops – the latter becoming more apparent as the two-minute mark approaches, reminiscent of Wild Nothing’s tones – succeed strongly.

Stream their Night Terrors EP in full below:

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