Spencer – “Or So I Thought”


Sydney-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Spencer produces a vein of colorful art-pop that strongly captivates. On just-released track “Or So I Thought”, the talented 20-year-old incorporates a jaunty piano line and full-bodied vocal presence, which expands with charismatic appeal at the 00:46 mark, accompanied by dreamy backing vocals and an uptick in rhythmic ferocity. Some funky guitar warbles take hold in the second set of verses, playing very nicely. The three-minute mark brings forth an elegant piano-led bridge, showing a beautiful melody and a more understated, ballad-ready vocal presence full of retrospective regret. The initial hooks return in the final minute, with a symphonic-laden grandiosity that caps this wonderful track off with emotional fervor.

Check out the track’s just-released, delicious music video below as well:

Mike Mineo

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