Steven Allen Gordon – “Electric Bach: Prelude in D Major”


Fans of classical music and modern rock alike will enjoy the latest release from Washington-based artist Steven Allen Gordon, whose new release All Over the Map is precisely that. “The album is a collection of music that indeed is all over the map,” Gordon explains. “My goal is to take the listener on a diverse and rich journey featuring music from different eras, instruments, and musical expressions.”

Gordon has a a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Master of Fine Arts in Music with a focus on violin and viola from The California institute of the Arts. His professional viola experience is extensive, as is his multi-instrumental prowess. “My vehicles are the viola, the instrument I’ve played professionally for thirty-five years, and the guitar, my childhood sweetheart. I hope that you will enjoy hearing the complex joy and lightness of Joe Pass, the emotional and intellectual depth of Bach, the sweetness and simplicity of Tárrega, the lyrical story telling of Villa-Lobos, the English pastoral sensibility of Vaughan Williams, the modern landscape of Walton, and the fun of Laurence Juber. I hope you enjoy the journey, and thank you very much for listening.”

“Electric Bach: Prelude in D Major”, the opening track from All Over the Map, shows Gordon’s melodic ability to incorporate Bach into an electric guitar format, resulting in the melodic beauty you’d expect, though with added contemporary charm and a jazz-infused lushness.

Stream All Over the Map in full below:

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