Posted November 14, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Two Seconds To Midnight – “Your Roses”

Two Seconds To Midnight’s first album, released in 2010, featured the track “Opt1m1sm” — which Boardwalk Empire fans heard in the second season’s worldwide trailer campaign. With stirring guitars and brooding strings leading into a clamorous alt-rock conclusion, that track showed the type of eclectic appeal and raw power the band was capable of churning out, and the recognition from HBO was well deserved.

Now, the band is currently finishing up their third album, entitled Sonder, due this winter. A just-released cut from that album, “Your Roses” is another piece of great songwriting with growing, evolutionary appeal in its structure. A creaky, atmospheric beginning gives way to a thunderous eruption of jagged guitars and brisk rhythms at the two-minute mark, with the vocal ticking up in emotion alongside the burst of distortion about 30-40 seconds later. Two Seconds To Midnight continue to craft exciting, anthemic tracks with considerable atmospheric and melodic charisma.

Stream several tracks fromĀ Sonder below:

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