Beach Body – “Connor Bought A Van”


“Connor Bought A Van” shows a timeless sound from Canadian act Beach Body, particularly one that would fit within a ’70s California psych-folk haze. Twangy vocals and a lethargic rhythmic push establish a tranquil feel early on, leading to a “night after night” hook where the lead vocals increase in intensity alongside the wordless backing croons. Aptly, the band describes it as “a chill ass song about a guy named Connor who lives in a van.” Carefree, lush vibes are definitely apparent. A series of dreamy guitar progressions, a la Beach House, emerge close to the three-minute mark, helping cap this off in exciting form with building bass-y distortion and vocal involvement. Psych-folk and jangle-pop combine in the best possible way here.

The track is off Beach Body’s enjoyable new EP Plain Life, streaming in full below:

Mike Mineo

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