Blakeley – “Holiday Vinyl”


Brooklyn-based Blakeley successfully showed her vein of “electronic rockabilly” on the October featuring of “Caffeine & Nicotine”, showing a great variety between bubblegum-pop hooks and alt-rock-geared verses. Blakeley again shows her versatility with a new seasonal track, released on December 11th. “Holiday Vinyl” is a somber one for Christmas, speaking of “the kind of affection that only materializes after half a cup of Jack Daniels” as snow falls in Brooklyn. The track’s slower pace and lonesome lyrical details are a change of pace from “Caffeine & Nicotine”, though do well in showing the Brooklyn-based act as an act with worthy versatility — ranging from more EDM-minded efforts of her past, to alternative-rock and holiday ballads of today.

Mike Mineo

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