Christmas Hearts Club – “Merry Christmas Everyone”


December is here, and so are Christmas songs. The niche is an interesting one, filled with numerous poorly-done covers and less-than-impressive singles. However, quality originals and covers alike deserve recognition like the rest of them, and that’s precisely where tracks like Christmas Hearts Club Band’s “Merry Christmas Everyone” are evident. The project is a one-off side project/collaboration of session musicians, led Manchester-based indie artist/singer-songwriter/busker Lost Nomad.

The track stylistically reminds of orchestral-laden ’60s rock and pop in the vein of Electric Light Orchestra, though certainly with a holiday theme. The track pursues an anthemic lyrical style, the track’s title repeating in the expansive and jubilant chorus. It’s a fine original Christmas track that should brighten the moods of Christmas-receptive listeners.

“May this song bring relief, peace and hope to you all in this last quarter of what has been a tremendously difficult and challenging year in light of the tragic events, natural catastrophes as well as the loss of iconic artists, close friends and family,” says project leader Diego Guzman. “Let’s end 2017 on a high note so to speak, full of cheer, without fear.”

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