Clay Priskorn – “Me Seek”


Clay Priskorn’s budding musical career began at age 18, when he began seriously writing and recording songs in his parents’ Agoura Hills, CA garage. His debut album Bury ’em Deep in 2013, and by 23 Clay was sharing festival bills with the likes of Dido, Five For Fighting, Brett Dennen, and John Hiat, in addition to co-writing with The Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin.

Needless to say, Priskorn’s own abilities have combined with some fruitful experience to result in the impressive “Me Seek”, a strongly melodic new track just released a few days ago. Priskorn’s vocals pack soaring tendencies in the hook, preceded by emotive verses that remind fondly of ’90s alternative. His various guitar twangs/flourishes and backing, wordless croons also remind aesthetically of Wild Nothing, though with an emphasis on alternative over dream-pop. “It’s a shame that there’s no one else,” he sings over bustling guitars, with a brief pause as he concludes, “only you,” as a fleeting guitar solo brings it back. It’s a piece of great songwriting that delivers stylistically and melodically.

Clay presently produces all of his own visual and musical content with his business partner, Shawn Dougherty, and plans to release a new music video every two weeks over the next six months

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