COUPON – “Radio”


Danny Townsend and Sean Mercer comprise the pop/rock project COUPON, who impress with the accessible and melodic “Radio”, which grows from a yearning synth-tinged verse to a rockin’ series of hooks. The duo previously founded and co-fronted Baltimore-based folk act Man&Dog. Townsend presently composes for NYC theater companies and creates music under his solo project, Deebo. Mercer is an acclaimed Baltimore-based producer, running his production company (Wolfstream Media) and producing albums for Us and Us Only, Teen Suicide, Haint Blue, Yo No Say, Oella, Dungeon Kids, Monsters of the Antipodes, Lauren Ruth Ward, and Flares. He also plays drums for a handful of acts.

Their mutual experience leads to a track with top-notch production and a knack for melody, remaining accessible without treading into overly familiar waters. The track’s evolution from lushly melodic beginnings to a more rock-fronted push is impressive.

Mike Mineo

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