Henry Metal – “Thrash Your Head”


Chicago-based Henry Metal produces an original take on – you guessed it – metal, which rides on rhythmic and tonal repetition on new track “Thrash Your Head” to the point where the hypnotic allure is hard to ignore. The prolific project already has four albums out in 2017, including this track’s release, Metal O’Clock, released this past August. The project just debuted this past March with the two singles “Butthead Maven” and “Boss of Me”. Enjoyably recognizing conventional standards of the music industry in the lyrical emphasis, the devil-may-care attitude throughout is a nice stylistic fit, especially as the guitar tone expands from the repeating hypnotic nature around 02:40, into a more evenly layered feel, capped by a fluid guitar solo. Grab the full album on Bandcamp here.

Mike Mineo

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