Posted December 4, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Low Weather – “Aspirin”

St. Louis indie-rockers Low Weather impress with new track “Aspirin”, showing crawling guitars building toward a vocal-fronted hook that reminds of The Shins’ ability to swap between understated verses and truly soaring hooks. Low Weather sit in the more alt-rock-minded vein than fluttering indie-pop, certainly, though succeed on the hook-friendly front nonetheless. “I can’t feel your handshake,” at 01:22 lifts off into more energetic territory, with some interesting twangy guitar work around the two-minute mark playing effectively into the 02:40 percussion-less build-up back into the soaring hook. “Aspirin” – inspired partly by the singer’s ongoing experiences with debilitating aural migraines – is a memorable track from a band with heaps of potential.

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