Moondrive – “Particular”


Emanuele Cicerchia has been crafting music under the name Moondrive since 2014, producing an eclectic mixture of psych-rock and electronic experimentation. He notes that his music “doesn’t trace clear and sharp guidelines within which to be reclassified, but rather leaves space for something undefined, seeking to create a more profound dialogue that resonates directly with the heart of the listener,” — an apt way to describe the success of his new self-titled album, released on October 18th.

One of several highlights from the release is “Particular”, which rides on a hypnotic piano-laden backbone and briskly active percussion. Cicerchia’s lush vocals take a backseat to the successful melodic development, which includes an exotic vocal sample that works cohesively with the hypnotic keys and percussive adornment. Showcasing a more rock-leaning side, “Old Dark Wild Beast” is also notable, showing a psych-friendly vein of rock with a dreamy vocal touch. Both tracks show the project’s impressive versatility.

Stream the album in full below:

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