Posted December 13, 2017 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Pisswater Preachers – “Froggy Went’a Courtin'”

Pisswater Preachers has been attracting a steady following in Cincinnati since forming in late 2016, tackling a form of unique rock somewhat in the vein of Man Man and Sun City Girls, with the former’s fun-loving haphazard enjoy reminding particularly strong. They “are an eight-person band with a xylophone-player, 3 lead vocalists and a metaphysical-energy transduction conductor,” with a “30-year age difference between the youngest and eldest member.” The result is a sound steeped in various influence, and always interesting. New album Homebaked Methblack Magick, streaming in full below, features highlights like “Froggy Went’a Courtin'”, where equally growling guitars and vocals craft a feeling of insanity/intensity that borders on metal, post-rock, and the avant-garde — building effectively throughout.

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