Shyla Buff – “An Indication”


Bouncy guitar twangs and a faint synth pad kicks off “An Indication”, the first new track from Los Angeles project Shyla Buff in over one year. The project’s leader, Evan Andree, shows some real hook-friendly charm here, especially in the track’s chorus — preceded by a clamor of percussive and clap-laden stomps, which meshes with a swelling synth pad that gives way to the bouncy guitar twangs first heard in the intro. “Is it an indication?” he asks here, the guitar and synth interplay leaving a hypnotic mark.

Audibly influenced by acts like Beach Fossils, equally fond of atmosphere and melodic charm, Shyla Buff succeeds on “An Indication”, which drew inspiration after a trip to the desert in Southern California. “I tend to get lost in my own head when it comes to analyzing how others relate to me,” Andree says. “Sometimes you think other people are changing but later realize the only person acting differently is yourself. This song explores this often not so pretty mindset unapologetically.”

Mike Mineo

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