Arthur Fowler – “Disappearing”


Arthur Fowler grew up emulating Jimi Hendrix on the East Side of Milwaukee, shifting to becoming active in the blues jam scene in the early ’80s. In college, he collaborated with the likes of band leader Mark Schlaefer, vocalist Eva Denia, and jazz guitarist Joan Soler. Presently, he plays a pleasant hybrid of jazz, pop, and blues in his new locale, Tokyo, collaborating with the likes of guitarist and effects virtuoso Kei Takasugi, a member of their project Arthur Fowler and Friends. His new album, Here I Am Again, follows up his 2014 release What Keeps Me Going.

The release’s closing track, “Disappearing” is a great showing of Fowler’s suave emphasis on folk, with a tinge of psych and classic-rock. The guitar work around 01:26 and onward reminds fondly of Mark Knopfler in its melodic approach, with Fowler’s pleasant vocals adding nicely to the arsenal. It’s a fine track off a recommended release, streaming on Spotify here.

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