DUETS AND STUFF – “Serve Somebody”


Swedish indie-pop duo DUETS AND STUFF impress on the quaintly catchy “Serve Somebody”, the project’s very promising debut. The duo of Greta and Raimond do great work here, emphasizing that values catchy minimalism with simple though effective details, the project self-described as “an easygoing DIY-project which covers all the creative stuff we come up with together; music, art, video and so on” — inspired by acts like The xx, Feist, Peter Bjorn and John, and Daughter.

Soft marimba-like hypnotics accompany Greta’s serene vocals, which repeat “you always have to serve somebody,” during the track’s primary hook. A lush synth pad accompanies the melody in the track’s final one-third, when the primary vocal hook becomes ingrained in listeners’ memories. It’s another catchy-as-hell pop track from Sweden, certainly not a first.

Mike Mineo

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