Faux Canada – “Projector”


San Francisco indie-pop quartet Faux Canada is comprised of members My First Earthquake, Crashfaster, and Sir Salvatore. With mutual admiration for Secretly Canadian’s roster in the early ’00s, the band channels a similar sort of sound on new track “Projector”, where lush string-laden synths combine with fleeting guitar-pop and alluring vocal lead, reminiscent of Stars. Aptly described by the band as “propulsive beats meet light math rock”, the track’s primary hook – “the coffee’s fading…” – is a slick maneuver, reminding of a more caffeinated TOPS. The track’s theme, per the lead singer, is “about parallel universes and trying to keep track of the versions of the people you love.” Catchy with a nice balance of synths and guitars, “Projector” is a solid one from Faux Canada.

Mike Mineo

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