Posted January 31, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Headphone Hair – “Wanna Be Alone”

Middle school teacher by day and manufacturer of hook-laden pop when time permits, Oakland-based Ian Walters shows a catchy and nostalgic vein of jangle-pop on new track “Wanna Be Alone”, a new track from his solo project Headphone Hair. With a bouncy and melodic yearning for solitude reminiscent of Memory Tapes, “Wanna Be Alone” works its verses around quaint synths/keys and subtle percussion. The chorus – “I just wanna be alone” – is simple though effective, easy to retain and enjoy with its serene jangle-pop exterior. It’s the type of track that’s catchy enough to let certain moments linger in your head, though with an additional atmospheric charm that makes it a nice listen even beyond the particular hook.

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