Premiere: Justin Levinson – “I’ll Make It In Hollywood”


Released today, Los Angeles-based Justin Levinson shows considerable hook-y charm on new track “I’ll Make It In Hollywood”, a beach-y, sugary pop tune with a ’60s surf-tinged aesthetic. Heavily influenced by The Beatles and Beach Boys, it’s a playful effort, though with a subtle cynical undertone that exaggerates the ease of rising to stardom and retiring in Malibu with a tongue-in-cheek demeanor. The track follows up his 2017 album Yes Man, Justin’s fourth full-length.

“I really wanted to release a bright/ beachy summery track at the beginning of the year,” Justin explains. “Like the previous record, we kept a lot of the ’60s pop inspired sound… big vocal arrangements, wurly and mellotron. Though the song may appear to be about a fella who is quite confident he’s going to hit the big time in Hollywood, there is actually a bit of a subtle cynical undertone. I tried to tap into some of the hardship creatives go through in a lighthearted manner.”

Mike Mineo

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