Is There any Connection between Music and Health?


Good Music Equals Good Health!

Music supports us whatever we do: go shopping, running, reading samples at or cleaning the room. It is a well-known fact that music can improve our mood, but is there any other way music influences us? Today researchers are searching for the connections between listening to music and condition of our health – and finding them!

Reducing pain with slow rhythms

Research conducted by Austria’s General Hospital of Salzburg proves that slow music rhythms help our body to reduce physical and psychological tension. As a result, when listening to chillout regularly, our bodies are able to relax, lowering the level of pain and sometimes preventing it.

During the research two groups of patients with chronic back pain had the same process of recovery physiotherapy, but one of the groups had also music and visualization séances – and the group with music therapy showed better results. So if you want to relieve your muscle pain, take an advantage of calm, slow classic music.

High tempo music – better workout

The research of Dr R. Herdegen of America’s Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia has showed that in general listening to music boosts the level of our performance on training: it helps to focus on exercises, increases endurance and lifts your spirits. Good, well-chosen music influences on our mental condition and releases endorphins – the same that are released by eating chocolate and make us feel happier. So choose your rhythm, pick the most appropriate tune and shape up!

Dealing with memory loss

Study of Norway’s Sogn Og Fjordane College revealed the influence of music on three groups of patients suffering from memory loss. During the study these groups listened to live and taped music and one group didn’t listen to the music at all. All patients who listened to music, showed much better results, being less anxious and better oriented. Another important point to mention – music improves the memory, as the parts of the brain responsible for memory and processing music are very close.

Interestingly, this research has also shown that people who suffer from post traumatic amnesia still remember their favorite tunes and listening to them may help them to recover much faster.

Battling depression

Music is considered to be one of the most powerful cures for depression. It helps to express emotions and let go of suppressed feelings. Music acts like a boost for creativity, helping people to express themselves in a non-verbal way.

Treating addiction

Of course, no one will say that music alone can cure a drug addict, however, as a part of a therapy it can have a great influence as it helps people to get rid of destructive emotions and set themselves up on needed wave.

Music and surgeons

Different studies proclaimed that different types of music help surgeons to boost their performance – still, it seems that everything depends on musical tastes of surgeons themselves. Nearly 80% of OR staff think that music helps both patients and specialists to relax and act more efficiently.

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