NYDTyson – “Egg”


“Egg”, the opener on NYDTyson’s new EP If You’re So Smart, Why Are You So Sad?, grows from quaint verses to a exulting chorus with soaring vocals and distorted guitars. It’s a nice microcosm of the act’s ability to show ample structural and tonal variation, with the Los Angeles duo of Eric Radloff and Nick Campbell produced a vein of fun garage-rock that buzzes in a concisely effective form reminiscent of Field Music. Things start to soar with majesty around the two-minute mark.

“We’ve been playing and listening to rock music ever since we met in college, and it seems to have fallen out of fashion,” they explain. “But we’re living in pretty unstable times, and playing in a rock band feels like an appropriate outlet to express and explore the rage and confusion a lot of us are feeling right now. Our mission statement as a band is to encourage people to think for themselves. Also, kill the phonies.”

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