Wet Leather – “I Was Wrong”


With a fondness for an ’80s pop shimmer with exuberant hooks and jangly guitars, Brooklyn act Wet Leather pursue a quickly enjoyable sound on new track “I Was Wrong”. With influences like Talking Heads and Tears for Fears combining with perky vocals that align perfectly with the fluid guitars in the hook, “I Was Wrong” sits comfortably between radio-friendly ’80s goodness and timeless power-pop, in the vein of Big Star. Stylistically, it’s not too distant from The Killers’ more pop-leaning material. A particularly excellent turn occurs at 02:19, when a blaring burst of guitar signals a bridge that takes the track’s already-strong melody to the next level. With just enough variation and hook-friendly charm, “I Was Wrong” is a winner from Wet Leather.

Mike Mineo

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