Gillwire – “Waiting for You to Call Me”


The bouncy “Waiting for You to Call Me” is a bouncy, indie-pop success from Arizona-based singer/songwriter Jonathan Gill Thwaits, who’s behind the project Gillwire. The track begins with a playful array of brass spurts and amiable guitars, an apt setting for the “tale of an awkward courtship which all comes together in the end.” Although beginning fairly simplistically from a structural standpoint, Gillwire’s evolving pop smarts show in the second half especially, when he proclaims “I’m just a squirrel-y boy, I’ll show you what I’m made of” at 01:38 — which marks the beginning of an impressive stream of melodic hooks. For a three-minute pop song, there’s an ample array of melodic goodness and lovable hooks to dig into.

Mike Mineo

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