Hank Midnight – “Radio Love” (feat. Graeme Daubert)


Hank Midnight, the alias of NYC singer/songwriter Hank Mittnacht, impresses mightily on new track “Radio Love” — where entrancing vocals guide a twangy guitar and dancing woodwinds that would make Van Morrison proud, courtesy of Jiwe Damudillard, who you can find performing flutes and saxophones in Prospect Park (Brooklyn) on warm summer days. Hank’s cousin, Graeme Daubert (Alpenglow), provides the lead vocals, improvising a haunting melody to Hank’s lyrics. To round it out, George Farmer plays upright bass and Jake Adams is on percussion. Matt “Fat Matt” Fishman (of Cool Company) provided the clean, balanced mix.

“Radio Love” released today. More tracks from Hank can be heard on his Soundcloud, and this track can also be streamed on Spotify.

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