Maxwell Cabana – “Welcome 2 (The Beginning of the Rest of Your Night)”


Portland trio Maxwell Cabana impressed last month with the striking track “Texas”, showcasing an array of strings and brass within a soulful, melodically contagious sound. Released today, “Welcome 2 (The Beginning of the Rest of Your Night)” is another memorable cut from the group, off their forthcoming EP Nothing Changed, which “combines the group’s love for old-school R&B and Soul with an affinity for Jazz, Hip-Hop and psychedelia.”

Do you believe in fortune, baby?” the track asks to start, soulful vocals adorning spurts of suave guitar as pushes of brass enter around the 30-second mark. Around 01:35, an additional vocal layer adds a tinge of funk, with the gradual expansion of vocal melody making for a wholly effective moment. Smooth and melodically delectable, “Welcome 2 (The Beginning of the Rest of Your Night)” is another winner from the rising Maxwell Cabana.

Mike Mineo

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