Semantics – “Painless”


After impressing with the track “Acid Test” last year, and exuding a very Wild Beasts-esque sound in doing so, Birmingham-based post-punk act Semantics are at it again with new single “Painless”. It’s another stellar one, beginning with a murky post-punk bass and quivering vocals, which really shine at 01:40 when the track’s first hook unveils. The track does a fine job of retaining the group’s brooding, post-punk darkness, though with a hook here that bounces a bit in the key-laden accompaniment and general shimmer.

“The mantra behind the band is that we’re a collaborative of four individuals sharing our ideas, emotions, influences and perspectives to create something new, authentic, intimate and intense,” member Josh explains. “We write the songs collaboratively, with us all contributing ideas and chipping away at songs over a long period of time until they are the best version of the song they can possibly be, like us chipping away at a piece of marble and letting the song dictate its direction naturally.”

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