Posted February 28, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Simon D James – “Dearest Lovely World”

Written when Simon D James was volunteering in the refugee camps of the Calais Jungle, “Dearest Lovely World” is a touching effort from the Brighton-based singer/songwriter. In his volunteer work, James recognized and aimed to capture that “regardless of colour or creed we are all bound together by the common threads of love, loss and the need to find community in an ever more fractured world.” It’s a message that seems quite timely, complemented by a fluttering melody and the calming reminder that “you are never on your own.” Perky acoustical work and caressing vocals guide this reminder of the world’s goodness, capped off by some rousing string work. Bright and lyrically positive, “Dearest Lovely World” is a very pleasurable listen.

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