Bobby Baritone – “Shaving Private Ryan”


Bobby Baritone is the Seattle-based project of Matthew “Rat” Fildey, who shows considerable charm on new track “Shaving Private Ryan”. Melodically captivating with effective lyrics that tend to capture youth, from finding comfort in your own skin to temporary heartache, the track is a spirited ride. “My heart was dumb, my friends were right, at least my hair looks good tonight,” he sings in the chorus, giving way to a pleasantly galloping bass and twinkling keys/organs. Taking a cue from ’90s alternative as well as endearing singer/songwriters like Jonathan Richman, Bobby Baritone shows strong songwriting chops on “Shaving Private Ryan” — self-described as “a humble scum ballad, a story filled with triumph, heart-ache, phone calls to mommy, and an ending that will leave you saying, “enough already”.”

“Shaving Private Ryan” is off Bobby Baritone’s forthcoming album Scum Rock, out on 4/27.

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