Fox Medicine – “Glitter Alien”


“Glitter Alien” takes no time unveiling itself, with pulsing guitar distortion and in-your-face vocals apparent in the first several seconds. Eugene, OR-based act Fox Medicine are certainly not lacking in energy, also captured in their vocal desire to “obliterate wimpy music, the kind that you are constantly forced to listen to when you go to the supermarket or step outside into the artificial world. This is music you can listen to when yr on fire and you wanna go out and start some shit! It will empower and encourage you if you are any kind of badass.”

The track kicks off the band’s latest release, the 8-track-long Greetings from Mars, released on January 31st. Resembling a heavier Love Is All, Fox Medicine will appeal strongly to fans of raucous rock and post-punk.

Mike Mineo

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