Idle Hands – “Swarm of Fear”


Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Idle Hands is a new act whose debut single “Swarm of Fear” is a beautiful success. Trickling acoustics and a somber touch of strings lead into a gorgeous hook, featuring dual male-female vocals as the strings assume a prominent push. Idle Hands successfully show their own interpretation of folk and Americana, the fiddles and guitars interweaving with serene vocals.

The band has more on the beautiful track below:

‘Swarm of Fear’ is a deeply personal song that is informed and inspired by the conflict, pressures and emotions felt by Helen through her work as a caregiver and psychiatric nurse and the struggle of trying to stay creative and passionate whilst working in high-pressure environments. The song considers these elements from Jim’s perspective; as a partner concerned about the strain of an emotionally strenuous vocation on a loved one and the challenge of switching off and offering affection or thoughtfulness when you have already given so much to others.

‘We’ve tried to pull a narrative together made up of fragments of conversations we’ve had while lying on the sofa together after a hard day at work. At its core the song is a love song, or a song of admiration; there may be instances where the lyrics stray into the private, or the obscure but the intention is never to exclude the listener, to us the language of being in a relationship is strange and uncommonly beautiful in its weirdness’.- Jim Parkins

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