Nate Head – “So Like LA”


Nate Head is a 24-year-old pop act out of Nashville, whose new track “So Like LA” shows a savvy for both atmosphere and melodic infectiousness. The track is particularly impressive at right around the one-minute mark, when the percussion pulls back in favor of nocturnal synths and vocal pitch fluctuation, which gives off a captivating and emotional core reminiscent of Frank Ocean (specifically, the interlude on “Nights”). Head’s general aesthetic and clean production makes him a prime candidate to explode in the pop scene this year.

Nate provides insight on the track’s creative process and inspiration below:

Ever since I learned what giving “head” meant in the eighth grade, I was insecure about my last name. “What’s your middle name, ‘Gives-Great?’”, my cleaver classmates would ask. At my high school talent shows, my small group of ingenious friends would always start the chant “WE WANT HEAD! WE WANT HEAD!”, just moments before I’d take the stage.

Over the last year, I’ve stopped feeling insecure about my last name as I’ve learned to lean into who I really am. So, for the first time in the 8 years I’ve been releasing music, I’ve finally found myself and will unapologetically be NATE HEAD.

I wrote “SO LIKE LA” when I realized that I had sunk into this middle ground between who I used to be, an evangelical Christian with little to say, and who I’m going to be. I was missing the simplicity of the past, while knowing for sure I didn’t want to go back.

Thanks so much for listening. Cheers.

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