Yasmine Hosseini – “sunshine”


Yasmine Hosseini delivers the sort of suave, confident music you would expect from a music veteran, not so much someone who’s turning 18 this year. It’s obvious that the Perth-based singer/songwriter is quite ahead of her years in stylistic composure when listening to new track “sunshine”, where her gripping, smooth vocals mesh with illuminated strings, light guitar licks, and a lush rhythm section. Growing from standard acoustic accompaniments to a full-bodied fervor, “sunshine” is a wonderfully evolving rocker with blues and psych-pop influences inherent as well.

“I want to make an album encapsulating all my influences and the experience and emotion that comes with entering adulthood,” she explains. “‘Sunshine’ is the first released product of that, and while it is light-hearted it serves to convey the feeling of being completely enamored by someone. I want to focus more on melody in my music and I think this is a step in that direction.”

Mike Mineo

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