A Tribute to King of Rap – 21 Years Gone and How Biggie’s Style Defined an Era

The Notorious B.I.G was one of the most influential rappers in an era when songs with good lyrics ruled the chart. Though his career was short it was very successful. He influenced many rappers of today. He paved the way for Hip Hop to be what it is today. During his peak, he collaborated with Jay-Z (an upcoming artist then), Shaquille O’Neal and the “King of Pop” to name a few. Proving to be the legend he is, his voice flowed effortlessly over R & B and lovey-dovey pop songs as well.  

Here, Red Spins Internet Gaming has compiled a Big’s life journey, collaborators and admirers alike, all of which pay tribute to the rap sensation. As we celebrate the B.I.G’s life and career, take a look back at.

Hip Hop Career

The Notorious B.I.G signed on with Puff Daddy, in his newly created Bad Boy records. He went to create a name for himself even before he could release an album of his own. He was the main reason for the initial success of Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy records. He released his first album “Ready to Die” which was a smash hit success. It went to get multiple platinum certifications. B.I.G was very instrumental in bringing back the focus of Hip Hop to the East Coast. 1995 saw him releasing his second record with Junior M.A.F.I.A. This album got him various award nominations including The Billboard Rap Artist of the year.

Tupac’s death and B.I.G’s death

The next couple of years saw him get into trouble with Tupac. Then later he was in an accident which saw Tupac’s death and B.I.G in a wheelchair. In 1997 he was murdered on his way back from a party in Los Angeles. His last album was released few days after his death. Even though his career spanned a few years at the most, he is one of the most distinguished rappers of all time

Greatest Rapper of all time

Diddy, one the rapper’s proteges, acclaims him to be the greatest rapper of all time. Diddy released a single “I’ll be missing you” along with Faith Evans, B.I.G’s widow after The Notorious B.I.G’s death. 20 years after his death, the world paid its tribute to one of the greatest Hip Hop legends it has seen.

Even now, not a day goes by without any radio station playing, The Notorious B.I.G’s songs. His lyrics were his powerful tools and they are as relevant today as they were then. His music has a timeless classic feel to it. Everyone from the rappers leading the Hip Hop world to the students of Hip Hop has all used his lyrics or at least referenced to him to add a punch to their songs. Adding his lyrics or referring him to their lyrics brings an emotional element to the music and a nostalgia to the listener.

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