Arthhur – “Sheffield & Armitage”


Arthhur is a two-piece rock act from Chicago, who just released their second LP, Come Meet the Opposite Committee. With a sound that incorporates guitars, strings, woodwinds, and vocals that alternate between suave and anthemic, the act reminded me fondly of The National fairly early. The release’s second track, “Sheffield & Armitage”, is a string-heavy success with a bit of a country twang, pulled off with the utmost precision. The next track, “Katalog” also finds success, though in a murkier and distortion-tinged vein of rock with strings emerging later. Both tracks are a great representation of the goodness to anticipate throughout the album, a stirring and emotional listen that captures how struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder can impact personal relationships

Stream Come Meet the Opposite Committee in full below, and grab it on Bandcamp:

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