Bada Doom – “I Am Loved and I Need to be Human” (feat. Fo’Shay)

The debut track from Essex/Suffolk (UK) group Bada Doom, “I Am Loved and I Need to be Human”, is a tribute to Eric Fournier and Shaye St John. For some background (and to make the track’s lyrics more relevant), Shaye Saint John is a fictional character created by Eric Fournier (member of punk bands The Blood Farmers and Skelegore). Shaye claimed to be a supermodel disfigured in a car accident who went about the body rebuilding process by incorporating a collection of mannequin parts. Creepy and campy, for sure. The track captures a similar sort of vibe, recalling the dark sentiments of Crystal Castles in both the vocal tone and general aesthetic.

The track is released via, donating to Musicians Supporting the Homeless and Phoenix Homes Colchester. It was recorded at Unit One Studios, Colchester and Bada Doom HQ, mixed and mastered by Robin Harwood at The Engine Installation.

Mike Mineo

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