Gabe Fleck – “I Want to Be With Myself”


“I Want to Be With Myself” is another successful new track from Gabe Fleck, featured earlier this month with the infectious “Colder Shoulders“. The Portland, OR-based singer/songwriter again struts suave vocals, though here assuming the lead over a more understated melodic backing, propelled by stutter-y dance vocal samples just after 01:30. “Colder Shoulders” has a nocturnal feel to it as well, though “I Want to Be With Myself” is pitch black in comparison — a late-night cruiser fond of inviting synths, funk-tinged bass, and suave vocals. Gabe Fleck’s take on groovy club tunes – particularly concerning the luxuries of life alone – succeeds. “I Want to Be With Myself” is the second single off Fleck’s upcoming album, Bliss, releasing on April 27th.

Mike Mineo

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