Guillotine Sunbeam – “Bars Beneath Your Skin”


Yoni Collier heads the project Guillotine Sunbeam, whose shoegaze, dream-pop, and dark alt-rock tendencies are apparent early on in new track “Bars Beneath Your Skin”, an accomplished piece of songwriting with eclectic tonal successes — from the lush synth-laden interlude around 01:13 to the dreamy shoegaze-like guitar layering that precedes it, and the soaring guitar solo at 02:43. Yoni’s electronic background, as well as his evident appreciation for shoegaze and alternative, results in a very convincing soundscape for the British music producer, who’s now living in the Netherlands. Already receiving support from BBC Introducing and others, “Bars Beneath Your Skin” is a winner.

Mike Mineo

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