Luke Janela – “Dweller”


Los Angeles-based Luke Janela uses his talents as a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and classically trained cellist to result in a deeply resonating sound throughout his new album DEEP ARCHER, which concludes with the haunting “Dweller”. Murky cellos and a rather Jonny Greenwood-esque percussive development kicks it off, as Janela’s deep vocals enter the fold, with a tonal captivation somewhere between Nick Cave and Conor Oberst. A haunting procession of sorts, with various vocal layers emitting a creepy resonance, emerges at 01:08. The track’s remainder – from the string-laden prominence at the mid-point to the scratchy ominous nature of the final minute – succeeds in carrying this atmosphere convincingly.

“The album is an exploration the afterlife, or, as metaphor of loss + change, and the transformation that comes of it,” Janela explains. “Love may never end but its story can go from a shared story to a private one. Each song represents in itself a journey and has an extended “bridge”, as does the album as a whole.”

Stream the release in full below:

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