Posted April 6, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Pop

Madelin – “Roxelana” (ft. Maxo)

“Roxelana” is a very catchy electro-pop single from Madelin, featuring the remixing work of Maxo. The track escalates quickly, from laid-back vocals and hazy synth pads into high-pitched fizzy effervescence and a PC Music-like aesthetic. Madelin, who’s based in Bushwick, has previously garnered attention for feminist single “Good List” (150k+ Spotifty plays) and will be releasing a remix EP, The Peachmixes, which this Maxo version of “Roxelana” is on. “Roxelana” touts a great contrast between more serene verses and an amped-up hook, full of gummy bears and caffeinated glee.

“Roxelana is about an internal turning point,” Madelin explains. “The feeling of reaching the end of a dead end street and having to turn around. I was inspired by powerful women who’ve succeeded despite the odds being stacked against them. This song is my prayer to the universe to help me connect to the qualities I admire in each of them.”

Also on the EP is a remix of “High School Boys” from the just-featured Sean McVerry:

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