Mike Green – “Addictive”


The suave and moody “Addictive” is an enthralling new track from Mike Green, a singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer from East Haven, CT, and presently based in Nice, France. “Addictive” builds and develops with a suave guitar twang leading initially, gradually opening up for moody late-night brass. Alongside bassist Eli Marcus, horn player Rashawn Ross, and drummer Cam Tyler contributing on the track, Green’s guitar work and vocals tout a sort of smoothness that makes “Addictive” hold an apt title, with the track having a nice degree of replay-ability with the general mood. “[Drummer] Cam played this song at its original speed and then double time,” Green explains. “We then took the take in double time and slowed it down to the original time, creating a darker shift-pitched sound that gave the drum vibe full body in the mix.”

Mike Mineo

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