Posted April 2, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Rock

Room Six Eleven – “Big Bad Wolf”

“Big Bad Wolf” touts a soulful, funky swagger from Greek act Room Six Eleven, led by the songwriting and multi-instrumentation of Kyriakos Mourtzouchos. Their just-released eponymous EP opens with the track, which features spirited vocals from “Stevie” and “The Ghost”. It’s an ideal opener, beginning with a funky key-laden smattering over the suave guitar chimes as the swanky vocals enter. Brass emerges just prior to the “big bad wolf” hook, featuring some psych-friendly organs on top of the evolving brass. It’s the type of track that subtly works its way into your memory, to the point where you’re humming it without even knowing. Blending infectiousness with a suave presentation, “Big Bad Wolf” is a nice showing from the Greek act.

Stream the rest of the EP in full below:

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