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The River South – “Go My Way”

Recorded in Austin, Texas, The River South’s new album Follow the Light shows a collection of songs with a captivating, timeless feel — blending aspects of rock, folk, and pop with talented musicianship and a knack for hooks. After a decade-long run in Los Angeles as a sideman with bands like Revolver (Elektra, EMI), Cheyenne (MTV) and Whitestarr (VH1), The River South frontman Krister Axel relocated to Ashland in 2014 to start a family, in addition to forming the band The River South.\

One of the release’s most immediate, brightest efforts is “Go My Way”, where acoustics and piano give way to warm vocals, the combination resulting in an aesthetic akin to Randy Newman. The “I’m walking” transition around 00:45 gives way to an effervescent hook – “something’s gonna go my way,” – that succeeds on all levels. Another highlight, “No Medicine”, is a warmly reverberating track from Austin-based The River South, again featuring a timeless feel.

For more gems like these, stream the entirety of Follow the Light below:

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