unfalter – “in your life”


unfalter is the experimental dream-pop project of Dallas-based singer/songwriter Noah Irvin. “unfalter is an experiment conducted entirely in my small apartment,” he explains. “It is the product of roughly six months of writing songs while laying down the tracks that eventually became the album that you hear now. It is a brief journey through some depressing tales told with a post-modernistic juxtaposing of dreamy, happy stylings. These stories are almost entirely made up, and do not reflect the character of any real people in my life, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”

Irvin’s aesthetic nicely captures aspect soft dream-pop and shoegaze in his lush vocal delivery and fluid guitar work, touting a captivating shimmer akin to Wild Nothing. The repetition of the “in your life” phrase past the one-minute mark leads to some solid guitar work coming closer to the two-minute mark, with a sophisti-pop bass added for good measure. “in your life” is an understated success from the promising Irvin.

Stream the rest of the album below:

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