Yaysh – “Get 2 Kno Me”


“Get 2 Kno Me” touts a tropical beat with tinges of reggae, reflecting on a culture increasingly reluctant to fall in love and pursue artistic ambitions. The track’s music video (NSFW) features nudity “to further spread Yaysh’s artistic message of vulnerability, both through mock love scenes and lighter comedy.” Yaysh, originally from Colorado, continues to carve in her role as an idiosyncratic force in pop music, often channeling a message of love alongside catchy, tropical-tinged melodies that makes for easy-listening, despite the dense and meaningful lyrical pursuits. “The challenge to the listener and viewer is to take a leap, take a chance and be yourself unabashedly and from there, love, joy, acceptance and warmth follow towards oneself and the world,” Yaysh explains. “Everyone in this video is offering a gift to the viewer of their own vulnerability. It’s a Big Message.”

Mike Mineo

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