Jon Parks – “Much the Same”


“Much the Same” is a gorgeous new track from Jon Parks, who we last heard from in late 2016 with chamber-pop gem “I Don’t Want to Fight Anymore”. On this new one, Parks’ songwriting reminds fondly of former Pulp member (and excellent solo act) Richard Hawley, with sonorous keys and Parks’ suave vocals building from beautifully pensive verses into an effervescent chorus full of ample emotion. In general, Parks’ aesthetic reminds me very favorably of Brit-pop’s more emotionally powerful releases, often courtesy of Pulp and The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon. The “we laugh, we kiss, we sometimes fight — I wouldn’t want any other life,” hook is beautiful and resonating, both in its lyrics and musical accompaniment, especially when following by soaring wordless vocals.

“Much the Same” is a slam dunk from Jon Parks, who continues to showcase his striking talents as a songwriter. Do yourself a favor and give the entirety of Parks’ new EP, You and Me, a listen below:

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