Elk Walking – “Ride The Tide”


Chicago group Elk Walking showcase melodic suaveness on new track “Ride The Tide”, touting a dual-vocal approach that’s driven especially by the entrancing vocals of Savanna Dickhut. Julian Daniell does well in establishing the track’s initial smoothness with his own performance, with Dickhut’s vocal emergence at the 45-second mark being chill-inducing, similarly to when both vocalists alternate emphasis in the track’s chorus. This “tambo-rock” act excels on “Ride The Tide” with smooth verses and the dual-vocal chorus approach, resulting in a track that serves as a confidently sweltering summer single.

The track is the first release since the group’s debut album in August last year. Daniell elaborates more on “Ride The Tide” below:

“We’ve just finished the first two songs in our home recording venture, something we decided to try after recording the last two releases at professional studios. The process proved to be much more beneficial to us as a group than we thought. Without the time constraints and having the comfort of being in our own space I think we have created some of the most natural sounding recordings yet. I believe the latest and greatest Elk Walking sound yet has been captured on these upcoming singles. The first release Ride the Tide is a duet, as is in character for this band. I very much like the way the delivery of the song flows with Savanna singing the verses and myself singing the refrain and chorus. I wrote it about the differences in ways people change and react to the world as they age. Some people I see, even sometimes having so much against them in their lives are still somehow able to thrive and bring positive energy to themselves and those around them. I wrote one verse for these people. Other people seem to let go of who they are as they grow up, in order to fit into a box that they think is expected of them. that was verse two, and then the last is about how special it feels when you fall deeply in love, when it feels like that person and you were created for each other, maybe could never live without each other again. And yet that feeling can fade and change, or… you live your lives together till death, but either way love is only temporary. The song’s message is that life is temporary. Like a ride. i suppose some people may not think thats comforting but to me its a positive comforting message.”

“Ride The Tide” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2018’ Spotify playlist.

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