Krigarè – “Silhouette”


“Silhouette” is a striking example of the soundscapes apparent in Krigarè’s music. Haunting, cathedral-like vocals and a lingering string presence accompanies a gradual vocal emergence. Shards of synths emerge past the two-minute mark, eventually culminating alongside rousing percussive stomps for a very fervent and active feel. The powerful track opens up her new self-titled album, touting a soaring vein of spacious, cinematic pop music. “This album is meant to be an emotional and musical experience taking you through stories of devastation, trial, and overcoming,” she says. “This album is inspired by so many different genres and artists I look up to, which I believe is what makes the listener feel like they are truly going on this journey with me.”

Originally from Los Angeles, Krigarè now resides in Nashville, with her career on the rise. Recently, she was a featured act on the “TV show Majors & Minors on the HUB Network, can be heard singing a featured track on the DVD “Barbie: A Mermaid’s Tale”, has worked with GeoGiRL, a line of cosmetics for tweens, becoming their brand ambassador and singing the theme song for commercials and website, and is also the voice for the accompanying video to the popular children’s book.”

Stream the album in full below:

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